What You Need To Know About Brow lift Houston

01/22/2015 01:09
What is a brow lift?
A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure done to the brow to lift or lower it, help reshape it, and improve the overall look of the top portion of the face. A brow lift in Houston is a popular cosmetic procedure done to help bring life and energy back to a face that appears tired and old due to heavy or drooping brows. This procedure is often called a forehead lift or sometimes a browplasty.
Do I really need a brow lift?
Before any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure it’s important to really examine both the reasons behind getting the procedure, and if there are any alternatives. Because a brow lift is an actual surgery that requires stitches and anesthesia, it requires even more thought and examination prior to beginning the process.
Physical signs – a low or drooping brow may add years onto the face and give it a constantly tired expression regardless of the makeup or hairstyle used. Additionally, a forehead may develop very deep creases and there may be lines at the top of the nose due to the heavy and drooping brows. If these physical signs are present and bothersome, a brow lift may be considered as a permanent solution.
Will I look “surprised” after my brow lift? 
A stereotypical image portrayed for a brow lift is a very surprised looking woman with eyebrows very high on her forehead. Unfortunately some patients do wish for their eyebrows to be brought up very far, and there are some plastic surgeons that are willing to consent to these requests from patients. However, that surprised look is something that is quite extreme and is not the norm for typical brow lifts.
After the procedure, due to the swelling, there may be a period of a week or two were a patient will look a bit more “surprised”, however with time this will go away and result in a very natural and beautiful brow and a rejuvenated face.
Should I get a brow lift or an eyelid lift?
When it comes to cosmetic procedures, there are a myriad of options available that can result in similar or very different outcomes. Some are temporary fixes, while others, such as the brow lift, are permanent. When it comes to tired looking eyes and a heavy brow, there are two main procedures which are initially considered: a brow lift and an eyelid lift. Due to the vast differences in these surgeries, you need to examine your brow, or have a professional assist, to determine which one will give you the results you are looking for. Sometimes it turns out that both a brow lift and an eyelid lift are needed to achieve a more youthful and pleasant appearance.
• Brow lift – this is for a heavy brow that is perhaps more horizontal like a man’s. A brow lift will also help reduce unsightly forehead creases and lift the eyebrow away from the eye slightly for a fresh and natural look.
• Eyelid lift – oftentimes the patients will think they need a brow lift, however instead their brow is in a perfectly fine position and it’s just excess skin hanging over the top part of the eye that is causing the problems. An eyelid lift will remove some excess skin, lift the eye and give a more alert and bright expression to the face. This is an alternative to a brow lift in Houston and a professional should be consulted to make sure the appropriate procedure is chosen.
What is a temporal brow lift?
A temporal brow lift is a fantastic option to a full brow lift and can provide very exciting results for patients. This type of lift is done by actually taking the skin from around the temple and lifting and/or removing it. This temporal lift will take the ends of the brow and bring them upwards, helping to reduce the weight of the eyes entirely and make them look more alive. Additionally, simply lifting from the edge does not give a patient that “surprised” look. Any stitches are hidden discretely in the hairline until they are removed so no noticeable scars are seen after recovery.
How is a brow lift in Houston performed?
During the surgery the patient will be sedated either through intravenous medications or anesthesia. Once sedated, the exact procedure the surgeon will perform depends on the brow lift method discussed. Recently, endoscopic surgeries have been preferred due to their ability for very small incisions in the hairline, quick healing process, and ability to correct the entire brow and forehead.
Once the brow is in the correct position the incisions are closed either with clips or sutures, and the patient is woken up. Due to the simple nature of the procedures, and the fact that the entire surgery only takes about two to three hours long, patients are able to leave the same day of the surgery.
How long will it take to recover from a brow lift procedure?
The initial incisions generally take up to ten days to heal, however the overall healing process will take several weeks. Over those weeks the swelling will slowly go down until the brow is in its new and natural position.
It is not recommended that any strenuous activities be done within the first two weeks of healing, however after that normal aerobic exercises can be resumed. Anything too intense should be avoided for up to ten weeks to allow for optimal healing and reduce risks of complications.
Will my brow and eyes still sag as I age even if I’ve had a lift?
Yes. If a woman gets a brow lift in her thirties or forties, she will still eventually see the forehead creases, dropping brow, and wrinkles that are associated with aging skin. Nothing can truly stop the skin from losing its elasticity; however a brow lift can dramatically reverse the results. A brow lift can maintain its original position for up to ten years, depending on the age, health, and overall skin condition of the patient.
Are there any risks associated with a brow lift?
Like any surgery, there are risks. Some risks include unfavorable scar marks, while others can result in a facial nerve being damaged during the process. General infections, bleeding, and pain can be experienced after a brow lift surgery. Fortunately when a reputable cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure, these risks are dramatically reduced and many patients see little to no unfavorable symptoms after their surgery! Additionally, any pain post-surgery is generally dealt with a short term prescription pain medication.
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